This section is not always hundred percent up to date.
Since there are a lot of fix updates and other small updates.


If you experience issues in the new >overwatch or >hearthstone command.
Please let us know with >feedback or on the Issues page.

Current Version


  • Badges Command (>badges) (See a list with available badges)
  • Added badges to userinfo (>info) (with this said, there will be a profile system soon)


  • Added: 30 seconds cooldown to some commands.
  • Some other will get 15 seconds cooldown soon.
  • Discord Bots has been updates, and applied to Discord Bot List.
  • Added: New commans to Docs and Commands List


  • Typos on the Doc’s


  • Soon the Kawaii commands are going to be upgraded (further information soon)
  • Soon there will be a profile system, with the badges and more (further information soon)
You wanna know more about the commands that were added?
Go to the Current Commands section, there you will find more information.
Was a command removed, you can find them also back in Removed Commands

Older Versions