Different ways

If you have found an issue with Noëlla you can let the developer know that in multiple ways.
Some users like to get in touch with me personal through Noëlla’s World (Support Discord).
Others do like it the more formal way, sending me an email or using the command >feedback.

So, if you wanna contact the developer, use the way what feels most comfortable for you.

Join Noëlla’s World

So you want to join Noëlla’s World, yeey!
Therefore there are some rules on our Discord, since Noëlla’s World is more then only support.
The Discord started out as just a boring support server, and became also a social guild.

If you joined the discord, I wanna ask you to read the rules in the #server-rules channel.
You can join the discord by click here: Noëlla’s World

Using Feedback command

So, you dont like to join that big discord guild? Thats totally fine!
You can use the command: >feedback on every server Noëlla is on.
You can also do it in a Personal Message to Noëlla so others wont see it!

The developer will or add you on Discord or sent you a message back through Noëlla
You can always mention what you prefer, the developer will keep that in mind.

NEW: Twitter

If you like to get social more involved with Noëlla, thats fine too!
You can always mention any issues or problems with Noëlla on her Twitter
or sent her a personal message, so the developer knows your issues.
Also the developer will try to keep the twitter page up to date (if possible).

Don’t hasitate to take a look sometimes, maybe you will see something you like
while visiting Noëlla’s twitter page!

GitHub Issues

So you’re this pro coder person, that has a Github account.
Then you can always post a topic in the issue section on Noëlla’s Github.
I probably don’t have to explain you, what kind of information we need? Right?
If you never did that but still wanna do it. Try to post your issue so detailed possible