Getting Started

Invite Noëlla


By default Noëlla’s invite, has preset Permissions.
Some of those are required to use Noëlla.
Inviting Noëlla is a piece of cake, you only need a couple things.
If you wanna invite Noëlla to your guild, you need permissions to do so.
The permissions you need to be able to invite Noëlla are Manage Server or higher.
If you’re not sure if you have that, ask the server owner/hoster.

Roles & Permissions

To make sure Noëlla works fine without issues, you need to assign some permissions to Noëlla.
When you open the invite page of Noëlla, you see you can check and uncheck them.
The default invite link has a preset set of permissions Noëlla needs.

If you wanna change those, then be sure to know what you’re doing.
If you dont know what you’re doing, then ask someone else to help you.
Down below you see a list with permissions that is in the preset permissions.
  Required Optional
Read Messages X  
Send Messages X  
Embed Links X  
Attach Files X  
Read History X  
Add Reactions X  
Use Extral Emojis X  
Manage Roles   X
Manage Channels   X
Kick Members   X
Ban Members   X
Create Invite   X
Manage Nicknames   X
Change Nickname   X
Manage Messages   X
Mention Everyone   X
Connect   X
Speak   X
Mute Members   X
Move Members   X
Use Voice Activity   X

Setup Your Discord

No information yet, come back soon for more information on this subject.