Current Features


This section is not always hundred percent up to date.
Since there are a lot of fix updates and other small updates.

Profile System


Since update we added this new feature to Noëlla.
Profiles are a little different then you have seen in other bots.
Noëlla’s profile system, allows you to be more open with information
For example, you can add your favorite anime or add your location.

How does it work?

It’s very simple, what you have to do is invite Noëlla to your server.
Then you’ll have to talk in the chat, this is most useless information ever! :P
Once you did that, you can lookup your profile with >profile (default prefix is >)
Yeey! now you see your profile!

You can also edit all the information that you see in your profile.
For example, you dont want your own Discord name as name in your profile
Then you can use >profile setname NEWNAME and you have succesfully updated your name.

For mor information, you can always use >help profile to see how it works.

Available Commands

Commands and aliases Description Usage
>h profile >help profile Opens a embed with all the information about profiles. >h profile
>profile Open your profile or that from someone else. >profile >profile @name
>rep Give someone a reputation point. Note: has a 24h cooldown >rep >rep @name
Commands and aliases Description Usage
>profile setname If you wanna change your profile name, or reset it. >profile setname >profile setname NAME
>profile settitle Change your title! It’s now still an open feature, but will change. >profile settitle >profile settitle TEXT
>profile setavatar Change your image in your profile Gifs are supported >profile setavatar >profile setavatar URL
>profile setcolor Change the colour of the embed because everyone likes colours! >profile setcolor >profile setcolor HEX
Commands and aliases Description Usage
>profile setbio Change the bio that is shown in your profile. >profile setbio >profile setbio TEXT
>profile setanime Add your favorite anime to your profile. You weeb >profile setanime >profile setanime NAME
>profile setsong Add your favorite song to your profile. >profile setsong >profile setsong NAME
>profile setregion Set your current region you’re living in or something. >profile setregion

Last Changes

  • Added: >profile setregion


  • That default gifs, didnt have animations! They do now!